Retour in Ny Østergade is one of our two bistros under the Retour name in Copenhagen. Retour in Ny Østergade is an intimate bistro where you can feel the aromas from the kitchen and where close interactions with our skilled staff is the norm on any night of the week.

At Retour Ny Østergade we create straightforward, well-prepared and renowned dishes. We have cut back on the garnish to solely focus on the selected simple and fresh ingredients. We have selected good and well-known dishes for our menu card, and you will find traditional bistro dishes such as steak tartare and oysters; furthermore, as part of a modern bistro you will find new classics on the menu card as well. 

Our wine list and selection of cocktails also consist of classics that go hand in hand with the menu card and is a selection that will suit most. 

Retour at Ny Østergade is our most intimate restaurant where the small establishment and the classic bistro décor creates a cozy atmosphere, where the vibe is buzzing, and the great food is always the main focus.

Do not forget to also visit Retour at Vesterbro where we can accommodate larger groups and parties.

TELEFON +45 33 161 719